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Holiday Ready:

The sea, the mountains or the countryside.

Holiday season is here and there are so many places we’d love to go. Each of us have our preferences, whether that’s a classic beach break with a good read and a swim, a mountain adventure with some trekking and panoramic views or even an educational escape, learning to make the perfect Italian pasta. 

Summer essentials while traveling around.

We’ve put together our summer essentials for you. They include light and fresh colors to wear, paired with indispensable accessories like caps and hats to protect you from the beating sun. 

Our favorite places to go.

Croatia, with a coastline that spans longer than 600km on the Adriatic Sea and more than 1000 small islands to explore. Or on the opposite side in Italy, with rural Puglia in the south, the romantic region of Tuscany hosting cities like Florence or Verona, or the Dolomites in the north. And if you don’t want to take a plane at all? The wonderful northern and eastern seas of Germany, the Netherlands and Poland await.