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A Foundation Story:

Designed For Everyone.

Our unisex Foundation series contains selected items with a perfect fit for everyone. Our iconic yellow and black is accompanied by one of our Spring/Summer key colors: Desert Green. Find your match and get cozy.

Most widely used natural fiber in the world.

Cotton is the most widely used natural fiber in the world and is essential. For us it’s the foundation of our Unisex collection. Made from sustainably sourced cotton our items are perfect for covering up, either for a cozy moment at home or in home office, as well as on the road. Our goal is to ensure that 100% of the cotton we use for our collections is sustainably sourced and certified. Since we first started in 2019, we have a proud history of sourcing cotton from more sustainable sources. We work with a wide range of multi-stakeholder and industry platforms to ensure our knowledge remains up to date in this rapidly evolving landscape.

Popularity of Cotton.

The popularity of cotton means that textile companies and retailers have the potential to create an oversized environmental footprint. Fortunately, producers and brands are taking steps in the right direction by committing to the production of sustainably sourced cotton. Sustainable sourcing refers to how a cotton crop is grown and harvested. The practice of sustainable sourcing takes into account environmental, social, economic and ethical factors to create a responsible product from seed to sale.