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Green is for Good Vibes: 

Green is for Good Vibes. 

Typically, green symbolizes life, fertility, renewal, and resurrection. For us humans, it usually puts us in a good mood and has positive associations. That’s why our Lizard Green pieces are the perfect companion for those "good vibes only" days. 

Balance and Harmony. 

In color psychology green relates to balance and harmony. It’s the great balancer of the heart and the emotions, creating equilibrium between the head and the heart. From a meaning of colors perspective, green is also the color of growth, the color of spring, of revival and rebirth

Trending – Green Food. 

Green foods aren’t only low in calories, they also take care of your inner balance and don’t disturb your insulin levels. They are an important source of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. By eating plenty of greens you alkalize your body, help your digestive system function properly and rid yourself of toxins.