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Prepared & Protected:

Be Protected.

Our Advanced Woven Series is made for active adventures. Light fabrics with a cooling effect are a perfect match for traveling the desert or embarking on a wildlife safari. It features a minimal, clean look that’s easy to combine. 

What to pack. 

If you’re going on a safari in Africa, you’re probably hoping to get up close and personal with the magical Big Five creatures. When preparing for your trip, whether you’re planning a short safari break or a longer holiday, the contents of your backpack must be adapted to the activities you are about to take on. 

Be prepared. 

Depending on the time of year you plan to travel, be prepared for exposure to the elements – especially the sun during the summer or the possibility of getting wet during the rainy season. Vehicles tend to be open-topped to allow safari-goers the best chance to see what they came for. Speeding through the wilderness can also involve a wind chill factor at other times of the year, so pack accordingly for the season.