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Rainy Days – We are ready for you:

The perfect match.

Find your perfect match for rainy days and choose from different functionalities. Our suggested items for these hopefully last rainy days until summer are our favorites that not only protect you from rain but have breathability as an additional function. Why it's important: Breathability refers to the action of wicking moisture away from your body to the outside of the jacket. That means staying dry outside but comfortable inside.

Gear with maximum protection.

Water resistant: Offers the lowest level of water protection. Basically, the fabric itself is acting as a barrier between your skin and a soft rain shower. With the addition of a coating or impregnation you can make a fabric water repellent. Water Repellent: The intermediate level for protective gear in regards to water protection. Water cannot easily penetrate the material. Water beads on the outside and won’t make you wet inside; except if you’re walking in the pouring rain for hours. Using an additional coating on this fabric gives you even more protection. Waterproof: Offers the highest level of protection from rain. A waterproof material provides a complete barrier against water. Covered or treated with an extra coating ensures the prevention of water penetration. Additionally, there are different levels of waterproofness which are characterized by the water column. The higher the number, the greater your protection.

Details make the difference.

The mistake made most when buying a jacket comes down to the details in the difference of its functions. Because what many don't know. Water repellent is not water resistant and water resistant is not waterproof. We've made a short but precise explanation that will guide you on your next purchase and prevent disappointment.