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Travel Companion – Wherever you go:

Our No Goose series.

The items in our Circular and No Goose series are essential bits when planning and packing for your next trip. Vests and jackets are lightweight and can easily be rolled-up, without claiming unnecessary space. Our shirts and sweats are easy to combine in both ways: either perfectly with our Foundation sweatpants for a travel day or in a different way for a casual day or evening.

Our Circular collections.

In our collections 'circular' stands for the weave technique we use to make these items as durable as possible. For us, sustainability starts by creating and producing an item that is by your side for years ideally forever, not just a moment. This is the biggest step toward sustainable thinking in fashion. 

Time to Travel.

Traveling is described as follows: “Go from one place to another, typically over a distance of some length.” Traveling in our day and age is essential to us. We express ourselves through it, we educate ourselves, we meet new people, or we just hang out - but importantly, we live. We feel more alive than we do without traveling. Why are we like this? Travel isn't rational, but it’s in our genes.