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At CoreM, we believe in being part of the solution and as a licensed partner of National Geographic, we take our responsibility toward the environment and society extremely seriously and make our contribution to a better and more sustainable lifestyle.

Our goal is to set an example for the use of sustainable materials and clean production within the textile industry. Thus we are constantly refining our processes, and working on new, planet-friendly products, technologies, and strategies—to make the world a better place. Our apparel, such as men’s and women’s jackets, are durable and sustainable; they conserve resources while being made under fair, sustainable and ethical conditions. 

Our National Geographic Apparel Collection consists of unique high-end pieces which will become durable companions: The longer an article of clothing lasts, the more sustainable it is. These items are carefully constructed and inspected, with the high-quality, stress-resistant, responsible-processed fabrics. Among the materials we use are innovative, high-tech textiles such as recycled nylon and polyester, fillers made from recycled PET bottles vegan alternatives to down, certified-organic cotton, and cutting edge SeaCell™ fiber, which is 100 percent biodegradable. 

Sustainability is at the foundation of everything National Geographic does; and that makes it a perfect fit with CoreM. Our National Geographic Apparel Collection is talking to explorers, researchers, and protectors of our planet; people who are in tune with the environment and society and act accordingly. We can learn from them and start reducing the pollution of our planet and its oceans. 
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